How hobbies can boost our brain power in retirement

gfu8Planning to put your feet up in retirement? You may deserve a good rest but too much time in the armchair could be bad for the mind.

Taking up a hobby or two, however, can boost brain power into old age.

Scientists said stimulating activities such as sport, reading, socialising and travelling, not only keep the mind sharp but also stave off depression that can set in when we suddenly stop working.

And if you have a long list of things you want to do in retirement, stick to it, for taking up several hobbies can keep the mind healthier for longer.

Retirement coincides with the start of a natural decline in brain power that old age brings, the researchers said.

They warned the switch from busy working life can leave a void which needs to be filled, otherwise our brains slow down faster.

Even mild signs of depression can mean a retiree is likely to suffer a deterioration in their brain power once they finish working for good – highlighting the importance of keeping busy with enjoyable activities, they added.

Portrait Painting Tips Multiple Subjects

jh78Location, location, location. It’s amazing how much our area of residence can influence how we communicate. When I moved my family from the town to the country, I wasn’t prepared for the way it would affect my daily life, especially in the creative arts community. It’s just one reason I’m so grateful for the technology we have today.

We all know that artistry can require a lot of time alone, developing ideas and honing the craft. So whether you live in the heart of a metropolis or you have horses for neighbors, you can find a huge network of art lessons at Luana Luconi Winner is one of our instructors there, and she has three new portrait painting workshops available. Despite her busy travel schedule, she kindly offered to contribute the following guest blog post on how to paint a portrait with multiple subjects. Enjoy!~Cherie

Painting Portraits with Multiple Subjects by Luana Luconi Winner

The challenges and rewards of painting multiple subjects are great. Creating portraits of two or more subjects has more to do with what the story is trying to capture and the

3 Tips for Painting a Rainy Cityscape

hrThere’s something poetic about a rainy day. I know I’m not alone when I say that it makes me want to just curl up inside with a good book. And it’s no surprise that a rainy downtown area begs to be painted. The contrast of headlights and streetlamps, the reflections of sky on pavement and the hurried pace of those trying to avoid getting soaked–Mike Barr’s Late Rain (below) exemplifies this and more.

Mike’s work and advice is featured in Acrylic Artist magazine (Fall 2015), and the following is a sneak peek at his tips for painting a successful rainy cityscape.

From “Slick and Simple” by Mike Barr

Tackling a rainy cityscape may seem daunting, with buildings, perspective, vehicles and figures all adding up to a complex mix. Simplification and a few other key techniques help you over these obstacles.

1. Get Wet and Take Some Photos
Some artists actually do paint in the rain and I greatly admire them; however, I do think that important fleeting moments can be lost forever if we don’t take a photographic record. Walking around town in the rain

Three Ways Tourists in Australia Can Experience Aboriginal Culture

Australia’s tourism industry is huge. In 2015, Australia reported a total of 7.4 million visitor arrivals to the country. Between the cities, the flora and fauna, and the ocean, Australia has built a strong case for itself as a major contender in everyone’s summer vacation list of possible destinations. While we think that checking out the kangaroos is all fine and good, we also encourage tourists to take some time out of their visit to enjoy the Aboriginal culture of this fine continent. Here are three great ways to do so:

Uluru – Visit a Spiritual Site

The Aboriginal people consider Uluru an incredibly spiritual place and have many stories of spiritual significance regarding the massive sandstone formation. Visitors who walk around the base of Uluru will often be treated to these stories by Aboriginal people. Seeing their environment, hearing their spiritual beliefs, and visiting a site of spiritual significance can give tourists a profound glimpse into the indigenous culture. Located in the heart of Australia in the Northern Territory, visitors who enjoy hiking and nature will enjoy this visit regardless of the cultural importance. The surrounding area is home to a wide range of flora

Hookah Pen Smoke Tricks That will leave your buddies amazed

Hookah Pen Smoke Tricks That will leave your buddies amazed

Here are some cool hookah pen smoke tricks and how to master them in no time!

Smoking is a big part of today’s culture and it’s no surprise to see someone doing it, no matter the age or gender. There are so many different variations on the basic cigarette, varying from one brand of electronic pens to another. And as the times have gone by, people have found more fun in smoking than usual, especially with hookah pens. For those of you who are wondering what are hookah pens, they are e-cigarettes that are long and thin and kind of similar to real cigarettes. It has a battery operated heated element in it that vaporizes the liquid in it.

People usually use hookah pens to do cool hookah pen smoke tricks. These kinds of tricks can look really hard, but are usually quite simple. By your third try you will master at least one of these hookah pen smoke tricks.

This first trick uses a bit more

Backing Tracks: A Powerfully Effective Tool for Performers

Most live performers, even the famous ones, use tracks or background music as a tool to enhance their own talent. It is this tool that can give their performances more impact. Every musician or singer, whatever their musical talent or experience, can benefit from using background music or instrumentals when they play or sing. Good backing music amplifies live sound. It doesn’t take the place of the talented musician or singer, but instead offers a tool that emphasises the performer’s natural talent.

Some non-musical people suggest that this might be cheating, but when you use it properly, background digital music can simply take the place of musicians or instruments your song or a musical piece needs but doesn’t have. The effectiveness of the tool lies in your finding that sweet spot between lip-synching and using a pre-recorded vocal. It’s that point where you only enhance a live performance, and not where you allow the track to take over.

By using them, musicians might enhance a bass section, or add percussion. They might add the vocal instrument or the instrument support they need, without having to find other instrument specialists. Backing tracks are reliable and easy

Collect Rare Foreign Coins to Expand Your Knowledge of History

Imagine a hobby that can expand your knowledge of history, your appreciation of art, and help you gain organizational skills? Yes, it’s coin collecting! A hobby of collecting foreign coins allow you to head into the golden years of past. It’s a kind of thing that reminds you of your grandfather giving you a coin to buy a toffee. Your passion for collecting one is deeply personal and can be fulfilling too. Believe it or not, there’s so much beauty and history behind each coin series and to your surprise, there are so many to choose from. Coin collecting is a unique hobby that is appreciated all over the world.

Collecting such gems is an interesting hobby which is now becoming very popular and fashionable. Collectors worldwide collect rare gold dollars for personal pleasure and enjoyment. Coin collection, by far, is considered to be one of the oldest hobbies on record. It served to be an amazing hobby of kings and nobles. Collecting some was an innocent pursuit of Pope Boniface VIII at the end of the 12th century. John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson had a keen professional and personal interest in collecting coins. While on the other hand, Petrarch,

The List For Different Hobbies That Will Change Your Life

Hobbies are those extra time activities which not only entertains you in your free time, but also give you the life’s best lessons. Be it book reading, listening to songs or watching television, your each choice will have something positive to offer you. You will be surprised to know that your hobbies too play a major role in your personal growth, encouraging you to pursue a life of the development and betterment. It is the best way to get the most out of life.


So, from quality point of view, here we have created the list of some powerful hobbies, which will definitely give an edge to your way of leading life.

Reading a Book Everyday is a Plus for Your Personality: Book reading is an ideal way to spend your extra time. These are the concentrated sources of wisdom. The best part about such a hobby is that you can go for online reading as well. There are many hobby club management systems on the web that lets you access their stocks of valuable books. So you can also join those for a deeper insight.

A New Language for a New You: Learning a new language is an altogether

Find Out How to Digiscope a Buck

I knew what digiscoping was long before I knew what it was once known as. Last summer my pal and knowledgeable whitetail hunter Bob Borowiak was once sending me snap shots of a significant buck he was searching. The images were certainly now not from a path cam, and after I asked Bob how he took them, he said, “I’ve got this thing that mounts my telephone to my compact spotting scope, and that i simply shoot the graphics with the cell.”

In order that used to be my introduction to digiscoping. I acquired a more in-depth seem this month once I bought a HookUpz™ unit from Carson that promised to be a common mount and would marry any Smartphone to any spotting scope for birding or compact binocular for birding. Best “universal” turned out to be just a little of an overstatement on this case; my pal had an Iphone 6 and the Hookupz wasn’t large ample for that mega-phone. It worked particularly good with my Android, although the rubberized tongs on the Hookupz infrequently messed with the phone’s energy switch. So my first lesson was once this: if you’re entering digiscoping, make certain you purchase a unit that simply,

Give Your Flooring Traditional Look to Your Home With Rustic Hardwood Flooring

The wood furniture is a great way to give an exclusive look to your home decor. Millions in the world use this furniture, thanks to its various qualities, priceless features and timeless beauty. Though a good chunk of people even now prefer to use furniture made of steel and other materials, furniture is incomparable and matchless. It is, in fact, a unique blend of eminence and beauty. Today, manufacturers are using many different varieties of wood to manufacture different types of furniture. However, when it comes to manufacturing furniture with reclaimed wood, there are two sided benefits. First, it adds zing to the beauty of your home decor, second, it is environmentally-friendly, which means what you use today will be safe for the future.
Where to buy reclaimed wood furniture?
While searching for the manufacturers of reclaimed wood furniture, you may come across many online shops, offering for sale modern and rustic furniture for your home, certain online shops have carved a niche by virtue of their high quality of the barn and reclaimed furniture. Whether you are looking for a rustic farmhouse table, reclaimed oak flooring, rustic hardwood flooring, these online shops have a wide variety of barn,

Respirators Use and History

Respirators are apparatus created to protect its wearer from the dangerous effects of atmosphere that is impure. These apparatus are vital in sectors like mining, medicine, welding, and science.

Respirators can be oxygen or filtration apparatus provided devices. Each has an unique market in any business. Infiltration devices function by filtering particles out in the atmosphere in the environment.

Without respirators, guy is in danger of inhaling particles that are possibly dangerous. Miners would succumb to the toxic atmosphere. The failure places a medical institution in greater danger of spreading a disease.

Using respirators can be traced back to the times. Leonardo proposed the use of delicately woven, porous fabric that has been dipped in water to protect sailors from a poisonous weapon he’d formulated. Besides this case, respirators were developed to be used in businesses. As an example, a crude apparatus was created by Alexander Von Humboldt to help miners that have been exposed to the mines that were suffocating.

From here executions and various layouts were made. These contraptions’ fundamental type, yet, was that of a bag that fit with windows constructed about near the eyes allowing vision over the wearer’s head. These respirators have bottle oxygen provide pure atmosphere to the

Choosing Art & Craft As Your Kid’s Birthday Party Theme

If you wish to keep your guests busy in some activity during your birthday party, it would be a good option to choose a theme that is interesting and everybody love such a theme in your friends and family. Finding such a theme could be difficult, but not impossible. It is not always that your parties need to be sophisticated with retro or contemporary themes. You can decide some crazy theme like a rainbow or organize an art birthday party. Art and craft birthday party is a wonderful way to keep your guests busy and make them have the fun of all kinds. There are different birthday party ideas Melbourne that you can perform. If you are specifically focusing on art theme, then you need to have some creative ideas for invitation, food, supplies and favors for your own or your child’s art birthday party.

Apart from basic party supplies like cups, plates, decorations, napkins and spoons, you need to consider the following items for your art and craft party:

  • Smocks, aprons or old shirts
  • Crafts and activities kits
  • Tables and chairs
  • Quick dry glue
  • Crayons, washable markers, and colored pencils
  • Newspapers

Another important thing that you need to

The Positive Influence Funny Wallpapers Have on Our Mood And State of Mind

When stressed or upset, some new, funny wallpapers for your computer are sure to get you in a better mood. Change your usual, dark desktop background with a funny one and it will bring a smile to your face every time you take a break from work.

Being in a bad mood interferes with performance and the ability to concentrate. If you want to be efficient in your work, don’t let negative emotions overwhelm you. It’s easy to be upset, angry or grumpy, but these negative emotions profoundly influence many areas of your life. People who experience negative emotions often are more dissatisfied with their lives, more depressed and less efficient than normal people.

You shouldn’t wait for the bad mood to go away by itself. Do something and get rid of the gloomy feeling. The best way to feel good again is laughter. Researchers found that laughter has a positive influence on our minds and bodies. Therefore, use every opportunity and have a good laugh. It will make all your problems go away. Watch a comedy or download some funny backgrounds for your computer. Surrounding yourself with positive stimuli is the first thing you could do in order to feel better.

Choosing Fabric for Embroidery


Fabrics, textiles or clothes are names given to flexible materials which can be woven with natural or artificial fiber such as thread or yarn. The words clothes and fabrics are used synonymously for textile in textile industry but there are some technical differences. Fabrics are materials made from knitting and weaving and are usually raw material which is used in further production of finished goods such as garments and other textile decorations. Cloth on the other hand is referred to final and finished piece of textile which is used as finished product such as bed sheets.

Choosing a Fabric for Embroidery

There are many choices when choosing a fabric for embroidery. The most frequently used types of fabrics for embroidery include linen, Aida (woven), cotton, satin, silk, velvet, calico and dress fabric. The main consideration in choosing the type of fabric depends upon the type of embroidery you are performing. The factors that should be taken into account while selecting fabric for embroidery are as follow:

Weight of Embroidery

The most important consideration in selection of type of fabric is the overall weight of embroidery. Embroidery design featuring ribbons and metal objects

Staple Items to be Familiar With Bonsay

Staple Items to be familiar with Bonsay

Suppose your household enriched with assorted options bonsay. Like little flowers will probably embellish as well as add coziness to your family. Increasing bonsay is far more than only a the correct way exercise; it truly is more than just an activity. Seeding and keeping bonsay is truly a mixture off technique and skill. Furthermore, it needs a lot of fortitude, style, as well as persistence for stretch their own lifetime. As a initially innovation, the ability of bonsay tree became popular concerning individuals in various areas of the entire world. It’s turned out to be many forms as well as, in addition to consistently enhance the inventive imagination different designers plus lovers.

If you are engaged to begin any bonsay tree garden at your residence, far better become knowledgeable 1st with a few fundamental information and facts.

Getting To

Bonsay tree is really a Japanese people word; however the notion was actually made from chinese people penjing. It absolutely was regarding green lot of years ago if your Eastern unveiled these mini vegetables to South east asia. From that point, asia bought this skill and invented the concept of a “bonsay tree”, which often actual translation

Realistic Designing A Pensive Art

Visual computerization, which inspires the Motion graphics of Vitruvius, the dynamic symmetry of Hambidge, the asymmetry of Mondrian; which is great gestalt, produced by instinct or by an arrangement of directions, is bad outline in the event that it doesn’t impart.

It is really a craftsmanship or calling of visual correspondence that joins pictures words and thoughts to pass on data to a crowd of people. What’s more, at Big Bro Studios, Graphic Designing speaks the truth examining time and space and turning out to be more substance and connected with the subject concerned. It includes centering our consideration in tender extensive size and filling the minute with bottomless thought. It’s about charging the wealth of cunning motion graphics Melbourne . For us, simple noteworthy work is not the objective, but rather it must have a dream created through the musings of brand/organization that corporate with us.

Visual communication is something that drives promoting and draws in us to a brand. That is the reason it is said Graphic outline is so essential to our regular life. In the event that we watch nature around us, visual depiction is available all over the place. It relies

How to use your hobbies to get a job live chat

This indicates how important hobbies and interests are for employers. In an increasingly competitive job market, having hobbies that help you stand out can be the difference between your CV ending up in the bin and being offered an interview.

So whether you’re an avid mountain climber or a member of your local chess club, including it on your application can give prospective employers an insight into your personality, entertain recruiters as they flick through the massive pile of applications and even act as a conversation starter at interview.

Hobbies can also show you have essential skills that employers are looking for. Captaining your university’s netball team or volunteering during a gap year, for example, can show leadership and initiative, among many other essential attributes.

Of course, there’s a limit. Not all memorable pastimes should be included; Quentin Schultze, author of Resume 101, warns against adding “an odd obsession”. He once interviewed a candidate whose passion was to convince Americans to eat dog meat. This candidate certainly stuck in his mind, but for the wrong reasons.

So if you’re wondering how hobbies and interests could inform your career choice — or how to present

Art Supplies on a Budget

If you’re an artist, you undoubtedly know how expensive this hobby or profession can be. A single brush or a tube of paint, if high quality, can run over a $100!

While I never advise using cheap, inferior art supplies, I do have my tricks. But before you go off bargain shopping, let me tell you what not to do.

Cut costs on supplemental items, but do NOT go cheap on the mediums. If you’re using a specific technique, try not to use student grade or bargain brands for your mediums. These lesser brands will usually will have less pigment in them. A good comparison is Crayola Crayons, and the other less expensive brands. If you compare the two, the other brands are less colorful and intense than Crayola. They contain more wax than pigment, which is why they cost less.

Paints are very similar. Student grades or bargain brands often will have less pigments in them and more fluid in their base, especially in acrylics. Some have a high degree of polymer binder and less pigment, making them somewhat transparent or dull. You’ll also see this in oils, where the cheaper paints will have more oil in

Tips for Using and Buying the Right Dog Wee Pad

Puppies are really cute and fun to play with. However they can also be frustrating at times, when they ruin carpets because of their wrong potty habits. This can be avoided by making your pet urinate on dog wee pads and thus save lots on carpet cleaning budget.

These wee wee pads are large, absorbent pads that come with a waterproof backing. You could place it in any spot in your house; you just have to ascertain you are consistent with this area.

This is essential as it teaches your puppy where it has to pee or defecate. As your pup will want to pee rather frequently, particularly after eating, sleeping, drinking and playing, place the pads somewhere easily located to it.

Use more pads at first

It’s better to use at least four wee wee pads at a time as dogs tend to circle before urinating and thus needs a large area to choose from. Frequently check the pads to determine which area of pads your pup favors.

A few days after, remove each pad till only one pad which your puppy uses remains. It is important that you remove a pad

Masking a Painting Using Cellophane and Paper

There’s more than one way to mask an area of a painting to protect it from overspray, washes or contact. You can use liquid masking fluid, shelving paper, templates, plain paper and different types of tape. I often need to cover one part of my painting to allow another part to be flooded with very wet paint, which has to sit for some time to dry. In this case, the risk of using tape, paper or even commercially made films is that they may either get lifted off or allow paint to bleed under them. These problems can be sidestepped by using cellophane and rubber cement. I prefer cellophane—like the kind used in supermarkets to wrap bouquets of flowers—over a commercially manufactured product because I can restrict the application of adhesive to the edges. And cellophane cheaper!

1. To begin, I lay a sheet of cellophane over my artwork (see above) and, with a waterproof marker, place a dot at each corner of the area I want to protect. I then turn the cellophane over and run a 1-inch wide coat of rubber cement from dot to dot. On the art itself, I run a similar strip of

Why having a hobby can give you the edge in a job application

You’ve got the qualifications, you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the job, right? Wrong. You may very well have the brains but if you are as interesting as a Phil Neville commentary then would an employer really want you to join their company?

Often degrees, qualifications and your education can be summed up with simple grades. This helps the interviewer narrow down their search from a mountain of eager candidates to a handful that meets, or indeed exceeds, the job description criteria.

Once this is done, then comes the tricky part. Having sculpted an idea of your academic background and your general presentation skills, employers must then attempt to build a picture of the type of person your CV portrays and most importantly, whether or not you are the right fit for the business.

It’s no coincidence that in an increasingly competitive job market, more and more employers are looking beyond qualifications and focusing on personal interests to identify your individual talent, personality and creativity. In addition to enhancing your qualifications, your hobbies can actually fill the gaps in your work experience and even substitute for skills stipulated on the job description. Giving careful consideration

Prepare for InkTober With These Drawing Tips

In addition to Halloween, pumpkin pie and sweater-weather, October has a special meaning for those of us who like to draw: #InkTober! If you’re not familiar with this awesome trend that was started by Jake Parker, let me explain.

Throughout the month of October, artists all over the world share their sketches and drawings by posting them on social media and giving them the hashtag #InkTober. Since it’s just around the corner, North Light Shop has a really cool offer for you–for just $13 you can get a Travelogue journal and a Pigma Micron .08 black pen. You’ll be armed and ready!

To give you some inspiration, here are some of my favorite drawings and sketches found in Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skill by Katherine Tyrrell.

Drawing tip #193: “A couple of very long road trips in the US taught me about the diverse and interesting opportunities that places to eat offer for drawing within a limited timeframe. I also learned to sketch very fast while eating.”

Drawing tip #201: “Sketch the context. In a waiting area of any sort, you have the time to make a study